Welcome to Silicon Valley High School. We operate a fully accredited online school offering quality, affordable online courses to help students catch up, or jump ahead. From our base in Northern California, we provide a curriculum of online courses to students, teachers and institutions all over the world. We provide an online catalog of courses for students looking to supplement their high school studies elsewhere, and a full-time program for students looking to earn their high school diploma.


Our mission is to provide quality, personalized, affordable and ever-improving educational paths for all students to pursue their ambitions


As the Internet develops as the world’s largest library of quality educational content, we see students increasingly taking their high school classes online. With quality, compelling online courses available at reasonable cost, high school will grow more accessible, more relevant, more interesting and more adaptive to the needs of the individual student.


Our objectives at SVHS are to:

  • Drive down the cost of high school education by harnessing the wealth of high quality educational content now available online.
  • Deliver a quality, engaging high school education to all students regardless of geographical location.
  • Personalize education, providing courses and programs tailored to the learning pace, the interests and needs of each individual student.
  • Leverage the latest technologies to develop and deliver compelling online programs that students relate to.
  • Help prepare students for college and life beyond high school.


We adopt the following strategies in order to achieve our mission and objectives:

  • Provide students with compelling educational content that is engaging and relevant.
  • Provide students with interaction and support from credentialed and experienced teachers.
  • Enable students to move through course materials at their own pace.
  • Create a curriculum that provides students with a thorough grounding in the subject matter.
  • Encourage repetition such that students are able to replay videos, re-read readings and retake quizzes as many times as is necessary for them to master the material.
  • Deliver responsive customer service and support to students, their parents, counselors and educators.
  • Design courses that follow a simple step-by-step approach to navigation.
  • Constantly search for ways to improve our courses, our customer service and our overall efficiency.
  • Actively gather and analyze feedback from students, staff and the community at large.
  • Leverage online content and opensource platforms to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Offer flexible and rewarding engagement arrangements to attract top quality teachers and support staff who are looking to work online.
  • Pursue accreditation to cover all the student groups and markets where we operate.

Our Company

Silicon Valley High School Inc. is incorporated as a Delaware corporation and qualified to operate from its headquarters in the state of California. The school is registered (CDS Code: 44 75432 6147417) as a private secondary school with the California Department of Education.

On October 18th, 2013, the trademark “Silicon Valley High School” was awarded to the company by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office with the Serial number 85859755.

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