SVHS grants diplomas, like other private accredited high schools, provides academic advice and we help you navigate through the graduation process, but the high school experience is very different at SVHS.

All Online—All the Time

Unlike most high schools, our classes are all online, all our administrators and support staff are online and there’s no need to visit a physical classroom.

Open to Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, the date or time of day. All you need to study at Silicon Valley High School is a regular web browser and Internet connection.

At $1,000 a Semester, We Slashed the Cost of Private High School Education

Through automation and efficiency, you’ll see that we slashed the cost of private high school education without compromising on quality. There’s an Enrollment Fee of $200, which covers the cost of transferring credits from your previous high school and setting up your records and accounts with SVHS, then there’s the $1,000 per semester tuition fees (you can select either 2 or 3 semesters a year), and finally, the graduation fee is $300, which covers the cost of verifying that you have completed all the required courses and completing the graduation process. All our courses are supported by experienced, credentialed teachers who answer questions, grade assignments and provide guidance and feedback online.

You Can Accelerate Through to High School Graduation

As a full-time student, you must take at least four (5 unit) courses for two semesters—anything less than that would be considered part-time. We offer 3 semesters–Fall, Spring and Summer. One semester is optional.  The maximum number of courses you can take in a semester is 8, and you can take 3 semesters each year, so that means if you really (really) wanted to complete your high school education quickly you could take 24 courses, or 120 units in a calendar year.  You could graduate and earn your high school diploma very quickly at that rate.

Open Enrollment 24 Hours a Day—365 Days a Year

You can enroll as a full-time student with SVHS at any time, from any school district, state or country. Enrollment is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

No Age Limit

If you’re an adult looking to get your high school diploma, that’s fine by us.  We will accept your credits earned from your previous accredited high schools, and you must complete at least 25% of your courses with SVHS to earn your diploma from SVHS. It doesn’t concern us whether you’re 17 or 70 years old.

Simple Paperwork

There is some paperwork required to enroll as a full-time student, but we keep it as simple as possible. Contact us through our chat box on the bottom of our web page for further information.

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